The Colorado Lung Health Connection recognizes that lung disease is a debilitating, depressing life change that can be partially alleviated with knowledge, support, exercise and empowerment. CLHC is dedicated to its mission to foster a meaningful, empowering interchange and relationship that serves to educate both providers and recipients of care in managing lung disease to maximize the quality of life.

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Thomas L Petty, MD
14th Annual Moving Mountains Lung Health Conference


Saturday, October 7, 2017
2105 Decatur St
Denver, CO 80211


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Spotlight On...

  • Westmed was a featured vendor at our recent CLHC “Moving Mountains Conference” last October 2016. See them again on October 7, 2017


    Westmed ǀ Marquest
                  A History of Innovation… one breath at a time


    Westmed and Marquest Medical have developed, manufactured and distributed ground-breaking medical device technologies since 1977. Respiratory care, cardiopulmonary support, and anesthesia are the focus markets. Technology contributions spanning 40 years have advanced patient care and outcomes. First company to introduce:

    • Filtrete electrostatic filters for general respiratory use
    • Arterial blood gas samplers: dry heparin anticoagulant and venting concept
    • High-efficiency aerosol drug delivery systems [Circulaire® II]
    • High output extended aerosol respiratory therapy [Heart®]
    • Respiratory delivery products that reduce hospital acquired pressure ulcers
    • Humidification/thermal regulation RT/anesthesia systems [NeoPod™ – T / ANAPOD™]
    • Hi-flow delivery systems with safety mechanisms [Pressure Safe™ / FlowEasy™]
    • Airway clearance therapy [Vibralung®]
    • Hypertonic saline pH+ bio-balanced [PulmoSal™]

    N. America facilities located in Centennial, Colorado, Tucson, Arizona, and Maquiladora operations in Mexico. Westmed employs over 1500 employees and is the leading producer of molded and extrusion parts in the South West. Dr. Tom Petty was an active medical advisor and colleague to both Westmed and Marquest Medical. Visit our website at for more information.